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Первый украинский подкаст об информационной безопасности

Latest Google+ flaw leads Chocolate Factory to shut down site early 
Update now! Adobe issues emergency Flash update for a serious flaw 
Adobe Security Bulletin 
Australia passes new law to thwart strong encryption 
Iranians indicted in Atlanta city government ransomware attack 
Hackers breach and steal password data for 100 million users 
Microsoft is building its own Chrome browser to replace Edge 
New Report: Unknown Data Scraper Breach 
Exploit Code for the Kubernetes Flaw Is Now Available 

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Підвели підсумки 2018 року в інформаційній безпеці

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Framework for Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity 
Доповідь Тараса про критичну інфраструктуру 

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На момент запису ми готувались до UISGCON14, та відео доповідей вже на нашому каналі 
China Used a Tiny Chip in a Hack That Infiltrated U.S. Companies 
New Evidence of Hacked Supermicro Hardware Found in U.S. Telecom 
Apple Insiders Say Nobody Internally Knows What’s Going On With Bloomberg’s China Hack Story 
What Businessweek got wrong about Apple 
Facebook has been hacked and 50 million people's accounts have been exposed 
Google+ to shut down after coverup of data-exposing bug 
Here’s how Google is revamping Gmail and Android security 
Google's Project Zero thwarts another major bug in Facebook's WhatsApp 
Microsoft killing off the old Skype client… for real this time 
A mysterious grey-hat is patching people's outdated MikroTik routers | ZDNet 
How to Stop Google From Tracking Your Location 
U.S. Charges Russian GRU Officers with International Hacking and Related Influence and Disinformation Operations 

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Interview with Yanick Fratantonio 

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Keygen Music [2+ hour Mix] 

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Interview with Serhii Korolenko about #UISGCON14 #CTF 
The Web Application Hacker's Handbook: Finding and Exploiting Security Flaws 
Passing Security By - Serhii Korolenko 
Serhii Korolenko - XSS from zer0 to Hero (Workshop) 

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Interview with Alexander Færøy

Tech billionaire Elon Musk smokes marijuana on podcast as shares fall and senior execs leave 
Windows 10 to get disposable sandboxes for dodgy apps 
Mongo Lock Attack Ransoming Deleted MongoDB Databases 
Open .Git Directories Leave 390K Websites Vulnerable 
Tesla’s new bug bounty protects hackers — and your warranty 
How Bitcoin's hidden footprint is impacting water use 

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Спеціальний епізод про відвідини 26ї конференції #DEFCON нашими співведучими

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На Дніпропетровщині СБУ попередила кібератаку російських спецслужб на об’єкт критичної інфраструктури 
Ukraine claims it blocked VPNFilter attack at chemical plant 
Speculative Buffer Overflows: Attacks and Defenses (pdf) 
New Spectre 1.1 and Spectre 1.2 CPU Flaws Disclosed 
Google Enables 'Site Isolation' Feature By Default For Chrome Desktop Users 
Вийшов річний звіт CISCO з кібербезпеки і піврічний звіт чекпоінт, але ми поговоримо про них наступного разу 
Scam alert: No, hackers don't have webcam vids of you enjoying p0rno. Don't give them any $$s 
GitHub to Pythonistas: Let us save you from vulnerable code 
Microsoft seeks regulation of facial recognition technology 
Two-factor auth totally locks down Office 365? You may want to check all your services... 
The Tale of SettingContent-ms Files 
Facebook fined for data breaches in Cambridge Analytica scandal 
Cops suspect Detroit fuel station was hacked before 10 drivers made off with 2.3k 'free' litres 
2018-07 Security Bulletin: Junos OS: Junos OS: MPC7/8/9, PTX-FPC3 (FPC-P1, FPC-P2), PTX3K-FPC3 and PTX1K: Line card may crash upon receipt of specific MPLS packet (CVE-2018-0030) 
Revoked Certificate when viewing mydlink IP Cameras with-in web-browsers 
Certificates stolen from Taiwanese tech-companies misused in Plead malware campaign 
Ammyy Admin compromised with malware again; World Cup used as cover 
US: Government Has Planted Spy Phones With Suspects 
The 111 Million Record Pemiblanc Credential Stuffing List 
June’s Most Wanted Malware: Banking Trojans Up 50% Among Threat Actors 
Did CrowdStrike really miss the mark? 

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В этом эпизоде Алиса, Логин и Алексей поговорили про скандальный 6688, браузеры, уязвимости с лого и сайтами, и некоторые другие новости прошедших двух недель.

Github Gentoo organization hacked - resolved
Apple corrects the record on reported iPhone vulnerability
Cops May Unlock iPhones Without a Warrant to Beat Apple's New Security Feature
Facebook shells out $8k bug bounty after quiz web app used by 120m people spews profiles
Former NSA contractor Reality Winner accepts guilty plea for leaking classified report
Firefox is adding 'Have I Been Pwned' alerts
«Грязный секрет» Gmail: письма пользователей читают не только сотрудники Google
"Stylish" browser extension steals all your internet history
Brave browser adds private tabs with Tor for 'enhanced privacy protection'
Alter attack
ProtonMail DDoS Attacks Are a Case Study of What Happens When You Mock Attackers
A year after devastating NotPetya outbreak, what have we learnt? Er, not a lot, says BlackBerry bod
New RAMpage attack affects all Android phones released since 2012 [Update]
Thanatos Ransomware Decryptor Released by the Cisco Talos Group 
First Nationwide Undercover Operation Targeting Darknet Vendors Results in Arrests of More Than 35 Individuals Selling Illicit Goods and the Seizure of Weapons, Drugs and More Than $23.6 Million
The Perfect Weapon: War, Sabotage, and Fear in the Cyber Age
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