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Первый украинский подкаст об информационной безопасности

Intro / Outro DZIDZIO - MARSIK

00:01:54 Стан професії 2016: дослідження Української групи інформаційної безпеки.

Кто ты, слушатель Securit13?

00:02:30 Добавляем произвольный телефон в личном кабинете оператора мобильной связи Киевстар (Украина)

00:06:35 Cisco gives you two nasty bugs to fix before the weekend

00:08:18 Crypto flaw made it easy for attackers to snoop on Juniper customers

00:09:00 Хакеры из Кабардино-Балкарии, укравшие 1 млн фунтов с английских счетов, сели в тюрьму

00:11:43 Стримить или не стримить, вот в чем вопрос...

00:12:35 Residents Are Pissed That Their Neighborhood Has Become A Pokémon Go Hot Spot

Pokemon Go: privacy and security concerns you should be aware of

Pokemon Go Away: Russians See CIA Plot, ‘Satanism’ In Viral App

Fake Pokemon GO Android App Locks Your Screen, Clicks on Ads in the Background

NY state: Don’t play Pokemon Go while driving or walking

00:19:08 Riffle: A new anonymity system to rival Tor

Riffle: MIT Creates New Anonymity Network Which Is More Secure Than TOR

How to stay anonymous online

00:24:21 Nmap Announce: Nmap 7.25BETA1 Released with our new Npcap driver, 6 new NSE scripts,  and more!

00:24:57 Чужими руками: кто защитит чиновников в интернете

00:29:19 How the NSA Converts Spoken Words Into Searchable Text

00:30:54 Microsoft wins email privacy battle against US government

00:31:12 Drupal issues major security fixes for flaw probably used in Panama Papers breach

00:33:34 McDonald's No Longer Offering Free Porn In The US

00:34:34 cuteRansomware Uses Google Docs as C&C Server

00:35:35 Ransomware makes its debut on the small screen: FLocker infects smart TVs

00:36:12 New HIPAA Guidance Tackles Ransomware Epidemic In Healthcare

00:36:39 New Delilah Trojan Used to Blackmail Employees, Recruit Insiders

00:38:29 BAE Systems partners with SWIFT to bolster hacker intel

00:39:49 С 1 августа платежная система Visa вводит в Украине принцип нулевой ответственности клиента за действия мошенников

00:42:32 20-year-old Windows bug lets printers install malware—patch now

00:42:43 Ubuntu Forums hack exposes 2 million users

NZ school servers hacked

Polish telecom suffers major data breach following hack

00:43:48 My Experience With the Great Firewall of China

00:44:56 Erdogan says his government is in control after bloody coup attempt in Turkey

Twitter, Facebook & YouTube blocked in #Turkey at 10:50PM after apparent military uprising in #Turkey

00:46:30 OpenSSH has user enumeration bug

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