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Первый украинский подкаст об информационной безопасности

Intro: Кар - Мэн - Лондон гуд-бай

The Company Securing Your Internet Has Close Ties to Russian Spies

A practical guide to making up a sensation

H4cked off: Is Eugene Kaspersky 'in bed' (or the sauna) with the Russian government? Derr, of course he is

Exploiting the DRAM rowhammer bug to gain kernel privileges

The Rowhammer Bug

Risky Business #357 -- Mark Dowd talks Rowhammer

Black Box Can Brute Force Crack iPhone PIN Passcodes

New BIOS implant, vulnerability discovery tool to debut at CanSecWest

Mobile Android, iOS apps still vulnerable to FREAK attacks

RC4 must die

uTorrent Installs Bitcoin Miner

OpenSSL Audit

Webnic Registrar Blamed for Hijack of Lenovo

Bogus SSL certificate for Windows Live could allow man-in-the-middle hacks

Yahoo Mail launches on-demand passwords, end-to-end encryption coming by year's end

Yahoo exec goes mano a mano with NSA director over crypto backdoors

Adobe web services vulnerability disclosure program

Yahoo! pays $24,000 to Hacker for finding Security Vulnerabilities

Cyber terror test tasks hackers with saving London from hacked battleship

Banning Tor unwise and infeasible, MPs told

Drupal Patches Critical Password-Reset Vulnerability

GPG Suite Beta 6

Интервью с представителем департамента по борьбе с кибер. преступностью Украины Василием Гузием

Форма связи

Outro: Петр Сказкив - Буревій

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Intro/Outro: Etherwood - Begin By Letting Go

'FREAK' in Android and iOS

'FREAK' in Windows

Вопрос от слушателя по мотивам очередного pre-load in Android


Truecrypt audit

Dropbox Accesses All The Files in Your PC (Not Just Sync Folder) and Steals Everything

Dropbox Is Probably Not Stealing All Your Files

Seagate NAS Remote Code Execution Vulnerability

How the NSA’s Firmware Hacking Works

Gemalto Confirms It Was Hacked But Insists the NSA Didn’t Get Its Crypto Keys

How Hackers Abused Tor To Rob Blockchain, Steal Bitcoin, Target Private Email And Get Away With It

Github Hacking for fun and... sensitive data search!

Hillary Rodham Clinton and her emails

Spies Just by Watching Your Phone’s Power Use has been hacked

Google is More Protected from Unwanted Software

Cloud based web app security scanner released by GOOGLE

Most vulnerable operating systems and applications in 2014 

Blogger porn content policy

Internet is for PORN!!

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